Pablo Casilimas


After being disappointed by a corporate work experience, Pablo’s entrepreneurial journey began in November of 2015 when he founded what would later become Rootex, a content marketing agency. Pablo began doing free work to build his brand in the community and entered the UF Big Idea competition, which he went on to win in April 2016. After attending dozens of networking events during his first year in business, Pablo set out to create the ultimate networking event experience with colleagues Justis, Son, John and Isaac in February 2017 - and thus, the seed of the ONESIXONE Group was planted. In an effort to increase his network and grow his business, Pablo embarked on a quest in 2019 to publish ‘INNOVATE® Gainesville’, a coffee-table book showcasing the top thought-leaders, innovations, startups and developments in the community.

Pablo’s two largest passions are marketing and education. He has an undying curiosity to understand what makes a business succeed rather than fail. He often gives presentations on how companies can build their brands and ultimately grow their business. The strategies he shares are what he has applied over the past 5 years in order to grow his agency Rootex, which has worked with some of the most reputable brands in North Central Florida including InfoTech, Infinite Energy, SharpSpring, UF, Santa Fe College, The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, StartupGNV, The City of Gainesville and many more.

Angel Padilla

VP Growth

I grew up in Orlando and then moved to Ocala, before moving to Gainesville. Before I moved to Gainesville, I took a year and a half off from school work. That's where I my interest and curiosity began. With no school or education at hand, I had to find an alternative method to keep up and learn. For more than a year, every week day, I would go inside a Barnes and Noble, and read as many business and marketing books as I could. Having little to no money, and trying to find a better way of life. I began to apply my knowledge, and that's when I began connecting the dots.

I knew that I always wanted to be a lifelong learner, and that's when I began writing a book of my own. Researching how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to business. After reading hundreds of books, while attending the University of Florida in February 2018, I began writing Marketing Giants. I began interviewing notable CMO's, New York Times Bestsellers in marketing, and experts in marketing technology.

That's where my interest grew, and soon after I have been researching and interviewing the top minds in marketing and AI.

At ONESIXONE I am head of Growth which involves marketing strategy, automation, and applied Artificial Intelligence.

Justis Mendez

VP External

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio with a single mother was the most difficult challenge of my life. Throughout my life journey, I have experienced the disparity in society. The first real eye-opening experience of my life was the Great Recession. My mother worked for GM and overnight lost her 401k, stock options, life savings, and almost our home.

This created an insatiable curiosity as to how economies and societies function at a macro level. After studying as much as I can grasp, I started to make plans on how I could help the economy have a positive impact on society. After years of making plans, I finally met a few other people also crazy enough to pursue those goals as their life calling.

Today I currently work for a FinTech startup out of NYC named Pinata. Pinata offers rewards and credit boosting engines to the entire rental experience.