Press Kit

What exactly is the ONESIXONE Group?

ONESIXONE Group started in Gainesville, Florida. The  ONESIXONE  Group  has  expanded  their mission to foster organic growth of Gainesville’s startup community. They currently serve by hosting expert-roundtables, workshops, seminars, and retreats that connect early stage entrepreneurs to those who have built companies  and  had  successful  exits.  Above  all,  they  focus  on  creating  an  atmosphere  where  learning,  connecting,  and  growth  feels  natural,  easy,  and fun.

What is our Mission?

To leave a lasting impact on this world and bring a better life for entrepreneurs and business through growth, innovation and connection.

What is our Vision?

To help entrepreneurs create a better world for tomorrow.

Is it available in my country?

ONESIXONE Group is a global organization.