Founders Program: Summer 2020

Our first cohort launched Summer 2020, the companies are outlined below.

EaseAlert offers a gentle pre-alert to prepare firefighters for the startling alarm in the fire station. This pre-alert reduces stress and mitigates the firefighter’s risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest, the leading cause of line of duty death for firefighters.


Gainesville, FL / University of Florida

New York City / NYU


Divi Up is a payment solution for group trips and activities. Members of the group get access to a shared pool of funds via a digital debit card. Rather than designating one person to front the bill and be responsible for securing timely repayments, Divi Up allows users to create shared cash pools that can automatically allocate the needed funds and split the cost burden between members.

Jacksonville, FL / Flagler College


Fidoocia is an app that ensures the safety of meeting strangers or people online in person. This is done through a chain of alert systems that constantly checks over users. 

Gainesville, FL / University of Florida


LiveGreen tracks your carbon emissions from daily activities and helps you easily offset your carbon footprint to become carbon neutral. This is done through physical activities as well as supporting reforestation in American National Parks.

Miami, FL / Florida International University

College Thrifts

A marketplace for individuals to buy, sell, and swap their gently used college apparel. College Thrifts is enhancing the customer experience by providing unique features such as filtering by college/university, receiving notifications when your selected university items are posted, and connecting with other students on your campus.

Gainesville, FL / University of Florida


Luma connects volunteers to nonprofits, helping with recruiting and scheduling. Luma believes that through simplifying the volunteer process, as well as recognizing/rewarding volunteers, a larger portion of the population would volunteer to make an impact in their communities.

Toppings takes a creative approach for an “on-the-way” food delivery facilitated by social networks. Toppings uniquely utilizes consumer’s social connections to create a delivery network. Toppings believes that the delivery model could help decrease delivery costs and will create a margin of profitability unlike other delivery networks in the space.


Atlanta & Boston / Harvard & Georgia Institute of Technology

Gainesville, FL / University of Florida


String provides accessibility to data-driven investing for everyone. String is quantifying news impact by identifying the correlation between events happening in the real world and the portfolios of users. The average consumer does not have the capacity to internalize current events and news articles to understand how it will affect price fluctuations across markets

Surfing Happy is exploring ways to develop “device relationships.” These relationships will be tracked and managed to help users regain focus and mindfulness.

Surfing Happy

Gainesville, FL / University of Florida